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14.05.2003 15:53
LoW3 angekündigt! antworten

LoW3 angekündigt!

Acclaim hat nun offiziell LoW3 angekündigt. Hier erstmal der komplette Text:

Stepping back Into the Ring with All-New Graphics, Matches, Features, Player Controls and more Than 70 World Renowned Wrestling Superstars
E3, LOS ANGELES, CA, May 13, 2003 - Flying off the top rope and into the hands of every wrestling fan, Acclaim Sports, a division of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ.SC: AKLM), today announced its return to the squared circle with the spring 2004 release of Legends of Wrestling(TM) III for the next-generation systems. Currently under development with Acclaim Studios Austin, the latest installment in the series is being rebuilt from the ground up with enhanced graphics, new features, new matches, more than 70 Legends and an all-new intuitive player control scheme.

"The original concept behind the Legends of Wrestling(TM) brand continues to appeal to wrestling fans and gamers alike, as it offers the opportunity to experience some of the greatest matches of all time," said David Knies, Brand Director for Acclaim. "For Legends of Wrestling(TM) III, we're rebuilding the game from the ground up and adding many new features that will add a new dimension to the wrestling action available on the next-generation systems."

Legends of Wrestling(TM) III will be available spring 2004 across the next-generation systems at suggested retail prices to be determined. For more information on this game, please visit Acclaim's complete showcase of products will be featured at E3 in Los Angeles, CA at booth #152 in the Concourse Hall.


- Das Spiel wird im Frühling 2004 erscheinen

- es werden mehr als 70 Legenden enthalten sein

-Es wird mehr Matcharten geben, verbesserte Grafik und die Steuerung wird ebenfalls noch einmal überarbeitet!

- Das Spiel wird nochmal von grundauf neu aufgebaut!



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